Presentations Portfolio

Paul Agoston is an experienced marketing and communications professional. Paul has produced multiple presentations throughout his career including company presentations, endorsement presentations, marketing presentations, portfolio presentations, recommendation presentations and sales presentations. Read More

Training Recommendation

Paul Agoston is a marketing and communications professional with professional training experience. Paul has trained workshop participants, volunteers and entrepreneurs. Paul Agoston is skilled in public speaking, communications and persuasion. Read More

Studies Recommendation

Paul Agoston is a graduate of Vanier College, Dawson College and McGill University. Dawson and Vanier are public colleges in Montreal, Canada. McGill is the top ranked university in Canada. Paul studied Social Sciences at Vanier and Dawson and Management at McGill. Read More

Marc Godin Recommendation

Marc Godin is a Project Manager with 15+ years’ experience in the information technology field. Marc has managed large information technology projects for major companies such Air Canada, Bombardier and Laurentian Bank. Read More

Repentance Now Recommendation

Repentance Now is an End of Days website promoting repentance. Repentance Now has 12,000+ Facebook subscribers and the site content has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Paul Agoston launched Repentance Now to show how current events are the fulfillment of the Torah’s End of Days prophecies. Read More

6@8 Network Recommendation

The 6@8 Network was a networking group for young professionals in Montreal, Canada. Paul Agoston founded and directed the 6@8 Network. Paul managed a team of volunteers and organized events in Montreal’s trendiest hotspots. The 6@8 Network became the city’s leading social network of its kind during its time. Read More

Moshe Halfon Recommendation

Moshe Halfon is an engineering professional living in Jerusalem, Israel. Moshe holds a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Haifa. Read More

Albert Lasry Recommendation

Albert Lasry is a top producing information technology sales and professional services consultant with a proven track record in the enterprise software space. Albert is Senior Director, Business Development at Opticca Consulting. Read More

Fred Perez Recommendation

Fred Perez is the Chief Executive Officer of Filabex. Filabex sells filaments for 3D printers. Fred also runs a marketing firm specializing in advertising, graphic design and corporate films. Read More

Adam Singer Recommendation

Adam Singer is a consumer rights advocate with extensive civil litigation experience. He represents individuals harmed by corporate violations of their consumer rights. Adam Singer is Principal at the Law Office of Adam G. Singer. Read More

Aish HaTorah Recommendation

Paul Agoston is a graduate of the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. Aish HaTorah is one of the leading Jewish organizations in the world. Paul completed intensive Jewish studies in history, law, philosophy, personal development and Torah. Read More

Rabbi Schachar Orenstein Recommendation

Rabbi Schachar Orenstein served as Rabbi of the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue and Congregation Shaar Hashomayim in Montreal, Canada. Rabbi Orenstein is past President of the Rabbinical Council of Canada, Eastern Region. Read More

Rosdev Recommendation

The Rosdev Group is one of the leading real estate firms in Montreal with a portfolio of hotels, office, retail and nursing home properties in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. Paul Agoston helped launch Rosdev company websites and in conjunction with Web Designer Omnivision Design. Read More

Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue Recommendation

The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue is Canada’s oldest synagogue. Paul Agoston helped organize and market dynamic social and educational events which drew hundreds of young professionals and helped catapult the synagogue to the forefront of young adult programming in Montreal, Canada. Read More

Montreal Jewish Experience Recommendation

Montreal Jewish Experience is a Jewish educational center for young adults. Paul Agoston worked as Montreal Jewish Experience’s Marketing Director. Paul helped run a successful marketing campaign which sent 100+ participants on trips to Israel and helped create a vibrant young adult scene through engaging social and educational programs. Read More

HonestReporting Canada Recommendation

Paul Agoston worked as a media watchdog for HonestReporting Canada monitoring the Canadian media’s coverage of Israel. Paul worked in concert with 25,000+ subscribers to keep the Canadian media in check through organized letter writing campaigns, media complaints, letters to the Editor, Op-Eds, etc. HonestReporting is a media watchdog combating anti-Israel media bias. Read More

Federated Press Recommendation

Paul Agoston served as Sales Executive at Federated Press selling conferences to senior executives of Canada’s leading organizations. Federated Press was a leader in the professional conference market providing conferences to senior business executives, lawyers and other professionals. Read More

Canada Economic Development Recommendation

Canada Economic Development is the government agency responsible for promoting economic development in Canada. Paul Agoston worked as a Business Advisor serving small businesses looking to expand or export internationally. Read More

Dawson College Recommendation

Paul Agoston is a graduate of the Dawson College Social Sciences program. Dawson College is a public college in Montreal, Canada. Paul graduated with honours and was awarded a scholarship for high probability of academic and professional success.

Read More

Canadian Armed Forces Recommendation

The Canadian Armed Forces is Canada’s military with sea, land and air divisions. Paul Agoston served in the Communications Reserves and underwent extensive military, communications, war simulation and survival training. Read More