Marc Godin Recommendation

Marc Godin is a Project Manager with 15+ years’ experience in the information technology field. Marc has managed large information technology projects for major companies such Air Canada, Bombardier and Laurentian Bank.

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Susan Kruse Recommendation

Susan Kruse is a retired psychologist and former Associate Professor at Metro Community College in Omaha, USA. Susan is subscribed to Repentance Now’s Facebook page. Repentance Now is an End of Days website promoting repentance. Paul Agoston launched Repentance Now to show how current events are the fulfillment of the Torah’s End of Days prophecies. Read More

Project Management Endorsements

Paul Agoston is a Digital Project Manager with expertise in marketing, communications, web design and social media. Paul has 15+ years’ experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Paul has worked with leading organizations such as the Canadian Armed Forces, Bank of Montreal, Seagram, Bell, CIBC, Primerica, Rosdev, Federated Press and Canada Economic Development and launched multiple businesses in diverse industries. Read More

McGill University Studies

Paul Agoston graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University’s Faculty of Management. McGill is ranked first among Canadian universities. The Faculty of Management is ranked as one of the world’s top international business schools. Read More

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Entrepreneurship Portfolio

Paul Agoston is a serial entrepreneur. Paul has launched and run a financial services practice, a networking group for young professionals, an affiliate marketing business and an End of Days website reaching hundreds of thousands. In 2015, Paul launched his project management business to offer his expertise to clients. Read More

Dawson College Studies

Paul Agoston is a graduate of the Dawson College Social Sciences program. Dawson College is an English-language public college in Montreal, Canada. Paul graduated with honours and was awarded a scholarship for high probability of academic and professional success.
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Aish HaTorah Studies

Paul Agoston is a graduate of the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. Aish HaTorah is one of the leading Jewish organizations in the world. Paul completed intensive Jewish studies in history, law, philosophy, personal development and Torah. Read More

Marketing Portfolio

Paul Agoston is a marketing professional. Paul’s marketing expertise lies in his ability to deliver strong messages and reach diverse markets. Paul is a graduate of McGill University’s Marketing program and his marketing experience spans the private and non-profit sectors. Read More

Web Design Portfolio

Paul Agoston is a web design professional. Paul builds customer sites according to client specifications and takes care of the complete website life cycle, from site planning to design, content writing to marketing. Paul Agoston’s web design experience spans the private and non-profit sectors.
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