Repentance Now Recommendation

Repentance Now is an End of Days website promoting repentance. Paul Agoston launched Repentance Now to show how current events are the fulfillment of the Torah’s End of Days prophecies. Repentance Now has 12,000+ Facebook subscribers and the site content has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Read More

Web Design Portfolio

Paul Agoston is a web design professional. Paul builds customer sites according to client specifications and takes care of the complete website life cycle, from site planning to design, content writing to marketing. Paul Agoston’s web design experience spans the private and non-profit sectors.
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Montreal Jewish Experience Recommendation

Montreal Jewish Experience is a Jewish educational center for young adults. Paul Agoston worked as Montreal Jewish Experience’s Marketing Director. Paul helped run a successful marketing campaign which sent 100+ participants on Israel trips and helped create a vibrant young adult scene through engaging social and educational programs. Read More