Communications Portfolio

Paul Agoston is a communications professional. Paul’s expertise lies in his ability to communicate complex messages in a simple manner. Paul’s communications experience spans the public, private and non-profit sectors. Read More

Rabbi Schachar Orenstein Recommendation

Rabbi Schachar Orenstein served as Rabbi of the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue and Congregation Shaar Hashomayim in Montreal, Canada. Rabbi Orenstein is past President of the Rabbinical Council of Canada, Eastern Region. Read More

Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue Recommendation

Paul Agoston helped organize and market dynamic social and educational events which drew hundreds of young professionals and helped catapult the synagogue to the forefront of young adult programming in Montreal, Canada. The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue is Canada’s oldest synagogue. Read More

HonestReporting Canada Recommendation

Paul Agoston worked as a media watchdog for HonestReporting Canada monitoring the Canadian media’s coverage of Israel. Paul worked in concert with 25,000+ subscribers to keep the Canadian media in check through organized letter writing campaigns, media complaints, letters to the Editor, Op-Eds, etc. HonestReporting is a media watchdog combating anti-Israel media bias. Read More